Solutions Engineer

Aug 2019 - Present

I build deployment tooling, POCs, and business logic for Socotra's enterprise clients around the world.

Worked with cross-functional teams of engineers, CTOs, and business stakeholders.

Skills Used: HTML, CSS, Liquid, CircleCI, Node/NPM

Success Engineer

Feb 2019 - Aug 2019

Responsible for automating the onboarding process of new customers.

Integrated new customers, built automation tools to optimize onboarding process.

Skills Used: HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, SQL, Git

Software Engineer Intern

Nov 2018 - Feb 2019
Stanford University School of Medicine

Developed radioluminescence microscopy software for custom built microscope.

Implemented GUI, project architecture, code optimization/documentation.

Skills Used: Python, ImageJ, Git, RaspberryPi


Mar 2018 - Nov 2018

University project turned into part time job.

Inspect-X helps everyday people sell their cars by providing mobile inspections packaged with our proprietary 200 point pre-purchase inspection.

Skills Used: Python, Flask, Bootstrap, AWS, GCP, Git


Jul 2016 - Sep 2016
Gopackup, Inc

Diagnosed, explained and integrated sitewide SEO optimizations

Skills Used: PHP, Laravel, Javascript, SEO


Aug 2015 - Nov 2016
Shift Technologies, San Francisco

Shift makes buying, owning, and selling cars much simpler. I was the owner of over 70 vehicle sales and was involved in the use of proprietary backend Shift Apps to SalesForce.

Skills Used: SalesForce, customer service

Software Intern

Jun 2014 - Sep 2014
Scryptech, Sunnyvale

Software intern on the development of a protoype android application. Built software to communicate specific data back and forth from app to web.

Skills Used: Android, XML/HTML, Web sockets


Airport Charts Utility - Utility that scrapes airnav.com and downloads the latest flight charts for user specified airports.
Retail Customer Classification - A script that pulls from a large retail dataset classifies value based on purchase history and uses a decision tree to predict the value of a new target variable.
QuickShips Android App - A bluetooth Android application that allows two players to play a game of battleships filled with custom animations and emojis!
Bitcoin Trading Agent - A script that pulls from a large retail dataset classifies value based on purchase history and uses a decision tree to predict the value of a new target variable
HackUCSC Slug Scheduler - Python app built in 48hrs using Web2Py. Scrapes UC CS course listing and creates an optimal schedule based on factors like unit count, offering times, and graduation requirements.
victorfateh.com - A responsive mobile-first website built off dismembered Bootstrap 3 projects and a variety of elements. The first large project I began as a freshman in college.
EyeLab - Motion graphic landing page for early startup. Video/Sound loops continuously as a welcome page.
Youtunes - A Java UI project built for an SJSU projects course. 'YouTunes' was built from the ground up as a comical recreation of i-Tunes. As product manager I built the software architecture and UI design layout. Graphics and product marketing were also performed by me. The project timeline was approximately 3-4 weeks.

Tools I Use