Customer Value Classification

Final project for an advanced practical computing electives course at SJSU.

The intent of the project was to test our ability to work with and make sense of a large data, in this case a retail dataset.

Our algorithm determined customer valuation (monetary/volume value to retailer) through classification.

The latter half of the script used Scikits Learn library to predict new incoming customer classification based on the pre-built tree.

Github Link


Final project for Android development course at SJSU

We built a two player bluetooth Battleships game, complete with custom art and animations!

The project was a rigorous test of our design, architecture, and collaborative skills.

This was my first exposure to working within and across Android building the UI/UX as well as pulling from external resources to implement more complicated features.

Github Link

Naive Bayes Trading Agent

Final project for an intro to AI course at SJSU.

Project goal was to collect real time trading data and implement a trading agent that uses machine learning to improve perforamnce of trading strategy.

We used an EMA crossover strategy to make paper-trades based off data collected from Bitfinex

We used a Naive Bayes Classifier and stored immediate percepts upon an execution of a trade. Then future trades would be evaluated as being successful or not based on the past

Github Link

UCSC Course Scheduler

Official 2017 HACK UCSC Entry

My first ever hackathon involved building a webscraping course selector for Computer Science students at UCSC.

The script scrapes all course offerings off the current UC course page and creates an optimal schedule based on unit count, course offering, and course times.

This was my first real attempt at building with Python and Web2Py. It was a crazy 48 hours!

Github Link